Not just the money

Sure, I've got to make a living and I am miles away from being judgmental in any aspect of my life- but I have my personal morals and beliefs and that includes the industries and organisations that I will and will not work with.

Charities and Voluntary Organisations

I offer reduced rates to charities and not for profit organisations. I've worked for some in the past and see the great work they do. I also provide a number of pro-bono days each quarter for consultancy. So if you would like to talk to me do drop me a line.

Education and Public sector

I'm in love with knowledge and education and as I am completing a degree and PhD myself I know what a difference having a good education can have. Again my rates are reduced for these sectors. 

Not being picky or judgmental - far be it from me to tell people what they should do and how to think but if you work within;

  • Military products

  • Oil and Gas exploration

  • Religious organisations

Then unfortunately I am not the guy for you -its better to put my cards on the table now than further down the path..